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Hotel and hospitals have been using the similar technology for decades, but the system were too bulky and expensive for general home consumers use.

EcoLaundry is changing that by integrating the powerful technology of these industrial laundry system into a compact, friend device for the family.


Household Water Purifier is an environmentally friendly appliance intended for using in a residential washing machine.

Household Water Purifier is designed to work with your washing machine, mixed active oxygen and silver ions into the water.The processed water can wash clothes cleanly and kill bacteria on clothes without leaving any residual detergent.

Household Water Purifierhas the main functions as below:

S  Sterilization and disinfection;

S  Decontamination and purification;

S  Clean and softening;

S  Energy conservation and environmental protection

The operation of Household Water Purifier is easy and convenient. As long as you install Household Water Purifier properly, you simply need to operate your washing machine following manufacturer’s operation instructions. Household Water Purifier will start working automatically when the washing machine starts to work, and it will automatically turn off when the washing machine stops operation.



Household Water Purifier


S  Input: AC 100-240V/50-60Hz 

S  Output: DC 12V 3A 36W

Ozone Concentration

0.5 ~ 1.0 mg /L

Water Pressure

Minimum:20 psi  Maximum:100psi

Operating Temperature


Product dimension


Net Weight

1.75 Kgs



Electrical Requirements

þ  Household Water Purifier requires 120/240Volt 60Hz power on a 15amp fuse or Circuit Breaker.

þ  A dedicated electrical circuit, equipped with an approved GFCI outlet, is recommended for supplying power to your Household Water Purifier.

x  NEVER use an extension cord or a power adapter other than the one provided with Household Water Purifier.

Water Requirements

S  Water pressure of 20 to 100psi is required to correctly operate your Household Water Purifier.

S  To avoid the possibility of water damage (i.e. a hose leak) it is recommended that you always turn off the water supply valves/faucets when the washing machine is not in use.

S  Water quality may affect the performance of your Household Water Purifier. If you have water quality concerns, such as high content, consult a water filtration expert.


1. Household Water Purifier should be fastened to the wall, just above and behind your washing machine. It is recommended that the mounting hole on the right side of Household Water Purifier (above the water inlet/outlet) be mounted to a wall stud, if possible. Two sets of mounting screws are included. If it is not possible to mount Household Water Purifier to wall studs, you should use “molly”type expandable screw anchors, available at your local hardware store.

2. Remove the cover from your Household Water Purifier by pressing the tabs on the side in, lifting up one inch, and then straight out. Using a carpenter’s level to ensure the unit is mounted level mark the location of the two mounting holes on the wall with a pencil. Drill appropriate sized holes for the screws or mollys in each marked location. Install the two screws leaving them protruding from the wall by about one inch.

3. Place Household Water Purifier against the wall so that the protruding screws slip through the mounting “keyholes”of the unit. Gently slide the unit down into the lock position of the keyholes. You can now tighten the screws against the housing of the unit. DO NOT over tighten as it may cause damage to the back of the unit.

4. Connect the cold water hose to the water outlet on Household Water Purifier. Check that the rubber washer in the hose is in place and properly tighten the hose, but DO NOT over tighten.

5. With the supplied hose, connect the water inlet on Household Water Purifier to the cold water supply faucet. Make sure rubber washers are in place and properly tighten, but DO NOT over tighten.

6. Replace the cover on Household Water Purifier by placing one inch over the tabs and sliding down until it locks.


System Set Up

1.     Turn on the water valve/faucet. Check the connections to ensure that there is no leakage or dripping. Tighten the hose connections, if necessary, but DO NOT over tight.

2.     Connect power adapter, and then start your washer. Once the water begins to flow, the blue light of Household Water Purifier should begin to glow and your washing machine will begin to run through the normal cycles.



Daily Use

The use of Household Water Purifier is very easy after installed and connected properly. You just need to operate your washer according to the instruction provided by the manufacturer of your washer.

Non-use or Vacation Care

Operate your washer and Household Water Purifier only when you are at home. If you are on vacation or won’t be using your washer for an extended period of time, you should unplug the power supplies to both the washer and Household Water Purifier and turn off the water supply. This helps avoid accidental flooding due to a water pressure surge while you are away.



For some serious or special stains, we suggest that you pre-treat them, just as you did before. For normally soiled laundry, you may not need to use any detergent powder or other detergent.  



Do tough stains have to be pretreated?

We recommend that you continue to treat stains in the same manner as always. Tough stains should be pre-treated in the same fashion as before using Household Water Purifier. For normally soiled laundry, the use of Household Water Purifier will allow you to use less detergent or no detergent at all.

Does Household Water Purifier work with all forms of water?

Household Water Purifier will work with all household water qualities, but the better the incoming water quality the better the results you will have. If you use hard water, we recommend that you use a water softener for hard water and/ or a pre-filter for chlorine.

What types of washing machines can work with Household Water Purifier?

Household Water Purifier can be used with all almost any residential machine. There are however two separate models. The High-flow Household Water Purifier is designed for most top load washers that have no restriction in their water intake. The Low-Flow Household Water Purifier is designed for front load washing machines or those that have a restriction in their cold water intake. (High Efficiency Washer)

Will Household Water Purifier work with Commercial Washing Machines?

Household Water Purifier is designed and recommended for residential use only, not for any commercial or industrial applications. 

Is Household Water Purifier only used with washing machine?

Yes, the treated water by Household Water Purifier is only used to launder clothes. The water from your Household Water Purifier is not intended for drinking or ingesting.