Okamura DX Okamura DX

  • Designed by Japanese Dentist Association based on human engineering concept for comfortable grip.
  • Two basic types, tapered PBT super soft bristles cleaning the main field throught clean the tooth enamel.

Interdental Interdental

  • Interdental brush use transparent coated wire, which do not hurt gums and are easy to insert in narrow space between teeth.
  • The flosspicks use finest polyester thread of about 190 filaments that remove plaque easily. The shape end of flosspick handle can be used as toothpick to remove food debris.

Floss pick 50 Floss pick 50

  • Finest white silky floss and pure shiny white handle gives us a very hygienically image. Using it after every meal to remove food particles and plaques for prevent the bad breath.
  • Pack contains 50 pieces.

Dental Floss 40 meters Dental Floss 40 meters

  • Expanding floss with wax and mint flavor. This floss will expand in interdental space therefore it can scrape off the plaques very effectively.
  • Floss container can open and close by sliding the cover up and down.

Dr. Polir Floss pick in case. Dr. Polir Floss pick in case.

  • Expanding floss with wax and mint flavor. This floss will expand in interdental space therefore it can scrape off the plaques very effectively. Floss container can open and close by sliding the cover
  • Case contains 70 pieces.

Pica Kids toothbrush Pica Kids toothbrush

  • Kids Toothbrush is soft on tender gums can be used as a teether to soothe teething pain. It can be cooled in the fridge.
  • ages from 0.5 years to 12 years old.

Asahi toothbrush Asahi toothbrush

  • Soft Type: The presence of milling bristles that is ideal for the care of sore gums.
  • Medium Type:┬áRounded bristles in the middle and around are tapered bristles.

EcoLaundry EcoLaundry

  • Ecolaundry cleans laundry and kills bateria without detergent and hotwater.
  • Ecolaundry adds enhanced oxygen and photo catalytic to the washing machine water supply and that will also protect thefabric life..

EcoMini EcoMini

  • Eco water conditioner
  • Disinfect fruits and vegetables, fast sterilization, kill 99% germs, remove odor, avoid cross-infection. save energy and protect environment.

VT-103 VT-103

  • Vehicle tracking system
  • GPS tracking allows users to monitor the location of their vehicles on their desktop anywhere in the world with a web browser and internet connection. The GPS tracking device installed in the vehicle

UHF RFID Tag (paste-on) UHF RFID Tag (paste-on)

  • Conform to sscc / GLS standard, support ISO-18000 6C Class 1 Gen 2.
  • Adoption of FHSS operation mode, with super strong anti-interference capability. Users can customize Read/Write standard data, to enhance the efficiency of the specialized application system, reading

Pest Stop
MT 4000 MT 4000

  • Electronic Indoor Pest Repeller
  • Combine Ultrasonic, Electromagnetic and Ionic Technologies

Dust Mite Controller Dust Mite Controller

  • High Pressure Ultrasonic Technology
  • No poison, no chemicals, no traps!

Mozzie Magnet Mozzie Magnet

  • Uses Photocatalyst Technology to lure mosquitoes
  • Protect your family from disease carrying mosquitoes

Solar bluetooth 4.0 handfree carkit Solar bluetooth 4.0 handfree carkit

  • ISO, Android, MP3, FM, WhatsApp
  • HF-i35 (IOS, Android, MP3, FM, WhatsApp) is powered by solar sunlight, it uses bluetooth version 4.0 for connecting to handphones. Total 2 handphones or 2 lines can be connected to the device. Voice a

Flash Memory Card Flash Memory Card

  • High quality Flash Memory Card & Video HD
  • 3 Years Warranty

Smarty HD BX1500 Plus Smarty HD BX1500 Plus

  • Parking Mode Recording
  • Password Enable for Data Security

In-car Video Recorder In-car Video Recorder

  • Restore the truth of the scene. No more argument on the road.
  • Just play back, and the truth will be out in seconds.

Automotive Workshop
Automotive Workshop Automotive Workshop

  • Authorised Installer
  • Run your Smarty DVR 24/7 without overheating

Aigo In-car Video Recorder Aigo In-car Video Recorder

  • HD Recroding
  • Motion Detection

Aigo F490 Tracking GPS Aigo F490 Tracking GPS

  • First ever Integrated GPS Navigation + Tracking + LBS device
  • Performance Monitoring

Map Application
Galactio V8 Galactio V8

  • Intelligent Navigation System
  • Preloaded with Singapore, Malaysia (East & West), Indonesia, Thailand and Brunei Map

Personal Tracker
IntelliTrac-P1 IntelliTrac-P1

  • A GPS personal tracking device specially designed for elderly, kids or people who like outdoor activities. The tracking function can also make the user clearly knows the position of carrier.
  • Asset and Pet Tracking and security

SJ5291 - Mini Tracker SJ5291 - Mini Tracker

  • All configurations can be set through GSM SMS
  • The position can be displayed at GoogleMap via Smart phone