About us


Trubearing is a forerunner in the industry that imports and exports a wide range of products mainly to both enterprise and consumer sector. We specialize in 3 core categories namely RFID tags Supplies, Vehicle and personal tracking devices and Electronics pests control devices. Our clientele includes Supermarket chains, Car accessories establishments, and Government enterprices and other institutions.

We also deal with the vehicles GPS and solar powered bluetooth hand free car kit. We are a sourcing house for our customers for the products and services that meet their coporate object.

One of our attributes is in adding complementary products to our range, thus enabling customers to rationalize their supplier base and adding value through package selling.

Brief History:

To “Always serve our customers truthfully with right bearing.”

This is the key driving force behind our success and we have always ensured that this motto is embodied within our company. It is thus no wonder that our company name, Trubearing, was derived from this very acronym.

Trubearing Pte Ltd has its roots dating back to 2007 when it first started out as an importer, wholesaler, distributor and exporter of information technology materials and car accessories in the region. Complementing this success is the introduction of our in-house brands and OEM brands for our customers collection.

Spurred on by a steely determination to remain ahead of the competition, Trubearing began expanding to other lines such as Electronics Pests Repellants over the years. This includes us being awarded the distributorships for major brands such as Packard Bell based in USA since 2007.

With a solid foundation cemented over more than 20 years of experience, Trubearing Pte Ltd is dedicated to and more than well-equipped to consistently meet the expectations of our clients with cost-effective solutions.

Vision & Strategy:

To be the leading supply hub of quality products, known for our reliability, service excellence and unmatched value, for the enterprice and consumer industry and other institutions in Asia.

We aim to achieve our goals by being:

1) The Distributor - To be a trusted marketing and sales arm of our principals through which their products are distributed to end users.

2) The Networker –To maintain and develop connections with our established global network of suppliers in seeking the best value and also to constantly source for contemporary solutions catering to today’s industrial needs.

Core Values:

The cornerstones of our business operations:

1) Customer Satisfaction – There is nothing more crucial to us than having satisfied customers. Our success is dependant on yours and we continuously strive to achieve this through flawless product delivery and reasonable pricing.

2) Reliability – We embrace an unyielding commitment towards maintaining a reputation of being a dependable and dedicated partner.

3) Integrity – We will uphold ethical practices and honour our commitments based on trust and respect for others.

4) Growth – We continuously seek opportunities for development and renewal of our company through innovation and market research.